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Poster: He Live's Date: Oct 27, 2007 8:26am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: 1976 CANDY for DONNA

convert?...nonono...i know you didnt forget but this is the dead afterall....

never a song that makes or breaks a show, but like ALL the tunes from american beauty and workingman's -- for me they form the core of the dead's original material and are sacrosanct -- and the more the merrier....personally, candyman is one of my favorite jerry ballads, performed too infrequently

DONNA gets ripped for her bad out of tune whaling...but that mostly occurs in the second set...during the formless jams, with too much energy swirling about...i think on the "first set" jerry tunes donna does a fantastic job backing up...i love watching video of jerry and donna sing from 76-78, you can see how much donna just basks in the jerry-glow and sings her best behind him, like she wants to sound extra good for ol' jer, and he in turn really seems to key on her and they sound great together....

here's a candyman:

gd76-07-12.menke.minches.18508.sbeok.shnf d1t06

and a nice TLEO:

gd78-10-20.sbd.lai.4159.sbeok.shnf d1t102

(non-sequitur: they say jerry/the dead didn't write/do love songs...sometimes you listen and it is so apparent...they are ALL love songs)

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